Aug 9, 2005

Annoyed Little Haiku

Endless babbling
are you conscious or clueless?
I know your secrets


DesiDancer said...

man, that gave me chills, seriously!! It reminds me of someone I know. (shudder)

Rage said...

yeah. that was me, annoyed. a happy haiku to come, i promise!

someone else said...

is it bad that i assume that haikus like that refer to me even when they don't?

Rage said...

yeah. that's bad.

DesiDancer said...

assuming it's you
in every single haiku
might make you insane ;)

(ok so I cheated with "every" being 2 syllables)

Rage said...

does ;) count as a syllable?

DesiDancer said...

maybe half.

c'mon Saurav, I wrote poetry for you! :)