Aug 10, 2005

Geico Insurance Should Shoot Their Ad Person

I'm so annoyed at Geico Auto Insurance radio ads. After naming a few appropriate state trivia points (state animal, flower, etc) they go on to say that "the unofficial favorite state amphibian is a gecko."

That's cute, and competitors have been quick to put out their own ads to refute their coolness, but I haven't seen anyone address the fact that the gecko is not an amphibian.

It's a lizard, which is a reptile. I know that for many folks this isn't a big deal, but I can't remember a larger factual blunder in a major ad campaign, and am mortified at their ascientific ad.

Illiteracy is a documented problem in the United States, while innumeracy is a larger problem and less addressed (new math anyone?), but the lack of science in the minds of average Americans is really sobering.

Many of the debates that will be decided by the representatives chosen by the people are science-based. The head-in-the-sand approach of the Bush Administration regarding global warming, embryonic stem cell research, and renewable energy are major policy decisions that the population seems to take at face value.

This egregious Gecko ad, and the fact that it's still playing all over the place, is just a testament to the opiated masses who have been sufficiently dumbed down enough not to ask questions, and challenge the status quo fed to us by the corporate media.

This rant was coming, so no apologies.

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