May 22, 2005

More on the Star Wars tip, though it's too easy to hate on these films now (as opposed to the eighties, when the line was "pure"). Anyway - so I was flipping the tele tonight, just trying to find something to relax with before the hectic workweek starts up again. I found something mildly interesting on FOX - looked like a sci-fi show, somewhat campy asteroid chase, poor acting, and a guy who looked like Obiwon, but not quite.

I continued to watch, thinking that it was a rip-off program, only to find that it was actually Attack of the Clones, which I guess I haven't seen in its entirety (or perhaps not really at all). It's just awful. It was a shocker to see that this was the genuine article. Who knew that these films were so ridiculous that they end up seeming like self-parody even to someone who knows the films and universe reasonably well.

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