May 18, 2005

For the "Desis Do the Darndest Things" File

Read this blurb today:

NJ Man Busted for Making False Terror Claims About Kin
A long-running feud over property in Pakistan led a man to call a New Jersey police department and falsely accuse a relative of being an Al Qaeda member plotting to blow up the British embassy in Toronto, the FBI said yesterday.

Bukhtiar Abdul Latif Katchi, 34, of Los Angeles, was arrested at his home and charged with making a false bomb threat. The relative, who was not identified, lived in Plainfield, NJ, and the two had been quarreling over a piece of land in Pakistan, said Steven Siegel, an FBI special agent.
Well, you have to admit, you suspected that it was coming. It's not like our community is new to this. Threatening to report someone to INS, IRS, or some other enforcement agency has been a time-honored tactic, after all. But now, you can really whammy them with the T-word, and Homeland Security will swoop down on whoever you point at in a blur of kevlar and unbridled enthusiasm to "do the right thing." This is just sick though. I wonder if the Hatfields and McCoys had to deal with anything like this.

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