Feb 10, 2007

Revisiting Maiden.

Nothing much to post this morning, because I'm trying to take it easy and not get agitated over too much over the weekend. But I spent 2-3 hours of worktime yesterday researching and writing, with most of the Maiden catalog blaring in my ears. I forgot how much I love their stuff. I've even been able to give the Blaze albums (or what little I have from them) another chance. I have to say - the power in his voice, which doesn't resort to aural acrobatics like Bruce, is quite appropriate for the darker material. Virus, Futureal, Lord of the Flies... these songs don't need to soar. They need power. But Bruce's voice seems more seasoned in A Matter of Life and Death, which makes me wonder what the future work will sound like.

As I've said before, you know you love an album, or a band, when your favorite song keeps changing.

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