Feb 12, 2007

The Police Tour Confirmed.

Well, you read it here first. In what seems to be a very poorly coordinated PR plan for the much rumored Police reunion tour, I got an email in my inbox at 4:45 AM today from Best Buy pushing a special "Reward-Zone Only" promotion for pre-sale of tickets in NYC and Boston. The only thing is, the Police were planning to announce at 2 PM today.

Kinda stole their thunder. Oh well. When you're out of the game for more than 20 years, you're a little rusty.

Okay - so tickets are likely going to be very expensive, and almost impossible to get, but I have to say - seeing the Police would be a highlight for the summer.

What I loved from last night's Grammy's (and there were not a lot of highlights) was reading the liveblog on Stereogum where they skewered almost everyone. My favorite line:

Random Grammy Fun Fact: Andy Summers was born on 12/31/42, making him 11 months older than Keith Richards. He also wrote the Weekend At Bernie's soundtrack. A full life, that.

Reminds me of when a friend and I used to add these lyrics to "Born in the '50s"... "we were born, in the 50s (except for Annnndy)."

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