Feb 11, 2007

Let's Give it Up for Slayer

That toad-like Dixie Chick is more annoying than James Blunt. The Grammy's were interesting this year - I tend to skip them, but I had to see the Police come back together was worth it.

I just wish they gave the Metal award on the air (the way that they used to). Slayer won this year for a song of their latest album. To be honest, I am shocked that the industry actually chose Slayer. While I'm annoyed that they weren't given the award on live TV, I have to give props to the voters for sifting through the garbage and going for the jungular. It's fascinating, because I think the decided who to put out on the stage purely by the number of albums they thought they could sell with the awards, and they probably couldn't fathom putting a band up there whose album is:

1) A pretty brutal thematic album that equates Christianity with war and condemns both of them,
2) Entitled "Christ Illusion",
3) Adorned with an image that is shocking, even to the non-believer.

I have to note that one of the guys from Mastodon (up in the category as well), when asked if he would be voting for his band by Rolling Stone said: No way! I'm voting for Slayer - I idolize those guys (paraphrasing here, of course). I'm impressed.

So let's give it up to the band - Kerry King is insane and a possible SS-apologist, but Tom Araya is awesome, and he's even a person of color (Peruvian).

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