Jan 30, 2007

Shut Up.

There's one person in my program who is incredibly full of herself, self-promoting, a brown-noser, and ridiculously insecure (or at least that's how I read into her unending name-dropping).

I can't stand people like this. And it doesn't help that she's about 10 years older than me. Can you please give it a rest? Are you really that in need of affirmation from the rest of us mere mortals about your awesome law school career? It's been the same from the beginning "well, I turned down X and Y school to come here."

Shit man, you did those mofos a favor.

I just can't deal with this shite. Generally, people aren't so self-congratulatory. I'm just shocked that someone who's not 21 (and is much more likely twice that) is not self-aware.

Though I'm trying not to burn bridges when unnecessary, I feel like a comeuppance is unavoidable. *smack!*

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