Jan 31, 2007

Current tunes:
Robert Plant: Mighty Rearranger
System of a Down: Hypnotize/Mesmerize
Nelly Furtado: "Onde Estas"

I'm amazed at how much music there is in the world, and how little of it I'll truly get to listen to and learn. I'm also somewhat concerned that my attention span for new music is going downhill. It used to be that I'd get a new album and I'd learn it over time. With my ability to share music and listen to new stuff online growing exponentially (and I've stopped the file-sharing programs ever since my computer last died), I'm not letting the stuff sink in. I still have discs I've ripped or bought that I haven't listened to thoroughly.

I'm still listening to a lot of music, but I'm not listening to it in album form as often - more likely to just hit shuffle and let the good times roll. Has the iPod/iTunes phenomenon effectively killed the album? And I don't even own an iPod. But I think the long car ride, the long ride home on the train, and even the casual walk outside offer the opportunity to listen to full albums. I just have to remember that it's not so much that I listen to and rank every song in my iTunes library as it is that I make sure I let the music sink in.

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