Jan 18, 2007

I go to a lawschool in which a small group that I'm stuck with in one of my classes reveals an aspiring public defender, a future community lawyer, someone interested in human rights law, and someone who's not clear but isn't anti-public interest. But even here, I get annoyed at people now, over and over again. I guess I'm getting tired of hearing the same voices in many of my classes, especially the people who are not really very bright, but can put their thoughts to words more quickly than I can.

I have smaller classes this semester, and I'm speaking up more often, but my points have been met with generally blank, and occasionally bored, looks from the professor. Great. I may be a cliché in this school, and the more conservative my perspective, the more "interesting point" responses I'd garner. But then I have to think "why do I care to be recognized for brilliance by my professor?" Am I looking for validation of my views from my professor? What sense does that make, given that in esesnce, I'm already getting that by taking classes taught by professors with a public interest/social justice perspective?

Whatever. I just figured I should get some props for raising my voice in class sometimes. But I'm not giving up. I'm going to keep doing it until I finally feel like I'm adding something. Screw that - I'm adding something by BEING in the classroom, mofos. You better rec'nize!!

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