Feb 25, 2010

Time and Cycles

The more things change, ya'll. Four years, almost to the day, that I posted this, I've lost my last living grandparent. My other grandmother. I have been writing more regularly, both for work and for a private project, but I miss this space. There's likely no one out there anymore, but I can't believe it has been four years since that post.

Ain't no time to waste, ya'll. I won't be writing a lot here about this, or perhaps anything at all, but these lives we live across cultures and with families and generations split across continents - you know you're supposed to feel something specific because that's what society tells you. So what happens when you don't? Or when what you feel is related to other unexplained losses that you've experienced but still not processed? Is it too self-centered to explore that pain when something else is more immediate?

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flygirl said...

I am sorry to hear it. No,it's not self centred. Take all the time you need.