Sep 8, 2008

More Unsolicited Advice for the Dems

Not much to write about, so I'll give the Dems some new ideas to pound their opponents:

1) Obama should start talking more about how Americans should be able to retire at 65, like they used to. I'm pretty sure that people are working longer, because they have to, and it's a way to talk to seniors, talk about the direction of the economy, and suggest that McCain should be able to sit on a beach and get some color on him rather than apply for a new job. I mean, we keep hearing about his service to the country: doesn't he deserve a break already?

2) The Dems should stop running from the "they want to make government bigger and they want government to choose your doctor, your school, etc." They can win this debate: government exists to fill in the holes, build and maintain society, and make sure that while all the greedy little capitalists are scheming to squirrel away more dollars, those who are less fortunate do not get eaten up in the process. It does not exist merely for its own sake, nor just to wage war.

And what's more, the Dems should flip the "family values" thing: we want to make sure that everyone has healthcare. We believe there are some minimum requirements that should be in place in a country as great as America. But they want government to tell you who you can love, what you can do with your own body, what faith you should follow, and even who will be allowed to see you in the hospital, provided you can afford one in their wholly privatized system. We don't need the government to tell us our values: we can do that part for ourselves.

These suggestions aren't even controversial, but I think at least the second one may strike a chord with the libertarians and energize people who want government to butt out. If the Dems want to win this thing, they have to move to new ideological ground and elevate this debate from where it's been in the past.


Anonymous said...

And that, my friend, is why we need you as a strategist for this third party we should start. The Dems don't deserve your genius.

Seriously though, I know the parties get a bump in the polls after their conventions that fades after time, but McCain and Obama even in the polls right now? With some polls putting McCain in the lead? If the Dems lose this year, they should follow Nader's advice and close up shop, regroup, and come back as something new and repackaged, because it will show that they are no longer relevant.

Rage said...

Thanks brother. I don't know if they feel you on that one, but I think we're going to have to start something new.

And yeah - that this is even close makes me that much more ambivalent about this country.