Feb 14, 2008

i've got love to share - i ain't all hard,
it's just sometimes, in this life
it's hard not to dwell
on the sheer weight of this movement
or at least, getting it started
in my head

but that's where i've been wrong, right?
that movement, someone said
has to begin inside love
and spread through the ideology
if we want real change

so to overcome the conceit
that my extra stress will carry this wave
i'll have to remember
1 isn't only a lonely number
it's not strong enough
until it's added to 1
and 1
and on
and on
with love for all the kindred spirits
who sustain me through the us we create
in each interaction

but for today
(and not because it is 2/14)
let me just begin
with that first 1

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