Feb 3, 2008


*sigh* This may go all over the damn blogosphere soon after the game, if it isn't already, so I'm just going to put it out there right now: that Bud Light ad was whack. It came on around 7:25EST. It featured white men in a bar teaching immigrants how to pick up women, giving them lines that the immigrants, of course, botch. There's an Indian guy, an East Asian guy, and an African immigrant. And at the end, the fourth guy, who ends up with a "date" due to his Bud Light, is another kind of Asian.

I'm sure there will be a link soon enough on YouTube, and a lot of guys will get their tighty whities in a bunch about it, especially Asian men feeling like it's attacking their manhood, etc (in the theme of my last post).

But of course, this is part of a different narrative: the "foreign Asian/immigrant" narrative. What's interesting is that they had three Asians and an African immigrant: no Latinos at all. What does that say about white male (I'm assuming they are behind the ad, but I could be wrong) paranoia about men of color and white women? Does it mean that Latino men are taking the place of African Americans as the biggest "threat" to "preserving the race"?

Reading a sexual subtext into the rabid anti-immigrant rhetoric by white male Amerika raises the stakes a bit. But I don't know if this is anything new, but the emphasis on violent crimes and criminals that "open borders" may let in far exceeds the reality. So there must be something else here.

Anyway, Bud sucks.


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check out this article-


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Thanks. More for me to read/watch/hate.