Aug 4, 2007

Indo-American Leadership...

Had an interesting dialogue about the role of lawyers, even progressive/radical ones, in creating true social change over at Pass the Roti on the Left Hand Side.  It's nice to be in a space where we can have a civil dialogue about different points of view, instead of backing away when the other people scream "how dare you counter us!", banning you from the fray altogether...


But for the title of this post... have you taken a look at this thing, the "Indian American Leadership Initiative"?  Seems like a perfectly predictable group, hardly masking its connection and connection to the Democratic Party.  Their "democratic dialogue" looks like a hoot of a good time.  A bunch of men, self-promoting like crazy, and blending in with all the other PACs.  

And then, there's the "DNC Indo-American Leadership Council."  And of course, from the past, though they are still keeping the site fairly updated, the Indian American Center for Political Awareness. which funny enough, used to be the India Abroad Center, and now is run by News-Times India.   Oh, and there's USINPAC and I'm sure a few others that I've forgotten.

I can't help but feel incredibly confused by all these groups.  What the hell do any of them do, anyway?  I thought I was generally annoyed by too many local/social service groups, but this is much worse.  Sorta the neverending funnel of dollars that go into Dem coffers.  Will we/they ever learn?

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