Jul 27, 2007

Postal blues.

I've been noticing some crazy changes at the local post offices. Not only have the rates changed quite dramatically (always look *beyond* that 2cent hike), but they've totally stripped other services. I usually have the stamps I need, or at least know what I have to do to get my mail to the right rate, but I can't do it without a scale. So I have to stand in an ever-emulating-molasses line just to make sure I have enough postage on something when I'm carrying the additional ounce stamp on me. When I said "you know, you should really have a scale out like other post offices" I was told that there were "severe cut-backs" and that was a fringe item. Okaaaaay. So you'd rather have more people taking up "real postal workers" time with something so inane as "I want to make sure this is the right postage" than just putting out a damn scale?

One other peeve with all of this - the international rate for a letter par avion (there's no more post by ship, by the way, so you're stuck with this). Anyway, so it's $.90 for the first ounce, and $1.80 for the next ounce. Can you imagine? So I could spend $2.70 for a two ounce letter, or I could split it into two one-ounce pieces and send it for $1.80 total instead? What the hell are they thinking??

The postal service must go. Bring back the damn pony express. That shit was faster when they were competing anyway. At this point, sending a letter is getting to be a luxury. How odd is that?


nadia said...

another thing the usps did recently was change their bulk shipping rates, making it really difficult for independent publications to distribute while giving deals to corporate media.

Rage said...

That's another messed up thing. You know? I mean, it's not like it was cheap to begin with, but at least I could say "why should I FedEx or UPS it when I have trust-worthy USPS to fall back on?"

But now not so much. I'm thinking we're just going to have to do stuff our own way at this point. It's just interesting, because even visiting the Post Office feels like going to one of those retail stores, like Old Navy.

"And would you need any packing materials, stamps, handbags, trinkets, calling cards, or jet planes with that?" Are you sure? Really really sure? How about a gold egg? What do you say?

It's not as pleasurable an experience to go to USPS and just mail something, even though I still enjoy receiving handwritten letters. It just feels like a sham. And we're getting less while paying more.


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