Sep 1, 2005

Show Daily Candy NYC Your Love

Got this from a friend (a lot of good email in the past couple of days!). It's nice to see something positive once in a while. Take a minute and email these folks. They should know that they're doing something right. Incidentally, it's a great site, even before I knew about their cool politics.

"Do check out today's email from Daily Candy NYC,
a daily nyc email about cool events, trends and shopping.

The first tip reads:
"DO Be Generous (and not just this weekend, you stingy bastard)
What: Tip your cabbie an extra buck or two.
Why: Gas prices. Plus, they're working so you don't have to.
When: Anytime you flag one down.
Where: From your wallet to your heart. Aww."

If you want to contact the staff to congratulate them
on making such a smart suggestion to their audience,
I'm sure they'd want to know people appreciated it.
The contact page can be found at this link."
[rage note: thanks pepsi patel!]


Anonymous said...
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Rage said...

Comment spamming strikes again...