Apr 11, 2005

An Existentialist's View of Online Journals (or: Blogger is PISSING ME OFF!)

Okay - so I lost a post. Even though the post was nothing special (actually crying about the fact that I can't post about the real meat from my days because it would be too incriminating of others - and risky of potential libel suits for me), it still represents my time, and I want to be the judge of whether something is post-worthy - not some glitch in a user interface that doesn't let me hit "back" when the system shows me an error page. BAD BLOGGER, BAD!!

Anyway, that said, somewhere along the way I said that I was glad that I have this online mechanism to track my ranting writing, but then I started to panic a little. Though nothing here is absolute gold (I wouldn't share it without some benefit to me, folks - I'm not a capitalist, but when in an Empire, act like the cowboys), what if I lost it all one day when Starbucks or Walmart, or some other Goliath comes by, swallows up Blogger, and uses its hard drive space to compute profit generation to the nano-second? Wait - doesn't someone already own Blogger?

The point is, I don't want to lose my writing - because perhaps it will remind me of this funny time between now and then, when I was in a questioning phase about the universe and my small role in it, and I thought that by putting my small thoughts to the page like every other ninny out there, I'd somehow sort it all out. Okay - well, in retrospect (or at least looking back at that last sentence), perhaps it's not all nails if I lose this load of crap. Or at least, this post.


someone else said...

I, too, have lost many a post to Blogger's whims. Repeat after me:

1. I will copy the html of my text periodically so as not to lose my text without the ability to paste it into a new post. I will occasionally save as a draft so as not to lose my text.

2. If I am really good, I will simply write in other software like Word or Wordpad or even Notepad, and then copy it to Blogger. But I am not really good, so I probably won't.

3. I will not get so caught up in the joy of blogging as to forget that Blogger is not my friend, but a mean-spirited ogre that occasionally steals my posts, even though I put lots of work into them and even had pictures in them.

I have seeded a forest of myself
Little books from tall trees

Let us have a moment of silence.

Rage said...

I've repeated many times. But the tip on how to recover posts was very helpful.