Sep 1, 2004

Stonewalk 2004 USA and Sept. 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

While politicians convene in Boston and New York this summer, family members of 9/11 victims will make a dramatic statement of solidarity with victims of terrorism, violence and war from around the world. From July 26 through September 2, they will walk from Boston to New York, pulling a 1400-pound granite memorial honoring the "Unknown Civilians Killed in War."

I am deeply moved by this action that has been happening, apparently, around the world, and I am so happy that they have chosen to come to NYC for the third anniversary of September 11th. I will sadly be out of town that weekend, but I'll do my best to visit the vigil or some other part of their time in NYC. Please do your best to go out as well, and check out the September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows website.

After working with September 11th-related cases, stories, and issues for almost 3 years, reading about their work has still touched me very deeply. The loss and grief that many of these families have endured should not be used for political gain, for the justification of anyone else's violence, or for the darkening of our future as a world community. That they have come together, and that they see the resonance between their loss and the losses that people around the world have endured, and still endure is quite amazing, and touching. I wish them Godspeed in their journey and in their mission.


burnedouteyes said...

This is really wonderful.

Rage said...

yeah- i was really touched by it, and had to send them an email to say what i was feeling.