Jul 7, 2004

A Note About Indian Weddings

Amit Bhatia (left) and Vanisha Mittal celebrate at the exchange of rings ceremony during their wedding festivities at Versailles in Paris, June 20

Take a good look at the couple first.
They look reasonably happy.
She's pretty, and he looks like a space cadet.
But hell, that's what my wedding photos look like.

However, click the picture to see the price tag on this one. But hold onto your lunch.

OK, so I've heard about weddings in which the parents go all out - but this is RIDICULOUS. I don't even know what to say to this. I'm completely and utterly speechless. I can't even win that much on Lotto on a good day (meaning that it doesn't go that high that often), and here it is - blow it all on less than a week. *sigh* What an endowment that could have been for the Church of Rage. And the guy looks like he's barely smiling. Is he on CRACK?!


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burnedouteyes said...

!!!! that's a lot of dough.