Jul 6, 2004

Dem Veep, Posts to come

Digital Rotation:
Chris Poland: Into the Sun
Sergei Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 2: Previn
Sting: The Soul Cages
Holiday: Ready, Steady, Go!

So Kerry chose Edwards. The New York Post was surprised. And D, a lawyer, a Southerner, and perhaps most importantly, as per the calculations of the junior Senator from Massachusetts, a woman... is not excited in the least. I liked Edwards perhaps third of all in the crowded heat of the primaries (which feel so long ago). I'll give a new CD mix to the reader who guesses my first and second choices (come on - it's not that tough!).

So we'll have to see. Meanwhile, I've been shifting back into my new work environment... back in an office that I've been away from for almost 2 years. A lot can change in that much time. I don't foresee myself writing too much about the details here, but it's trippy to be in this space again. I'm just looking forward to taking some time off, which I'm hoping to do at the end of the month/through my birthday (IT'S COMING UP, hint hint)/and into August. D is cooking up something, and I'm perfectly content to let it simmer until she's ready to serve.

Other than that - I have a couple of unfinished posts to work on: the new Cure album (was gonna do a real-time review, which i can still do, since I've only sat down and listened to the first 2 tracks so far), as well as the Annie Lennox/Sting show we went to see last friday.


D is away for a week, and man, I have to say - I really don't miss living alone, and/or being a bachelor. It's not easy to cook for just one, and I'm trying to watch the pennies, so going out isn't as much an option either. Phew! This makes me want to set up some of my single friends, just to relieve them of their misery!


burnedouteyes said...

know what yr saying.... P's outta town. esp when I'm trying to save $, it's all too easy to eat random scraps of food, cereal, etc. for dinner. Hey, but I'm trying to reduce my gut too, so it's all good.

Rage said...

yeah, I feel ya. But sometimes, your sleep habit + your eating habit go down the crapper when there's no one around to give you a reality check ("you're online until what time in the morning, doing what?!?!").

Anonymous said...

hi there...happy early birthday.
kucinich and dean.
do i get a mix?

Rage said...

actually, surprise surprise... one of those is incorrect. Based on principle and conscience, which is what I voted on in 2000 (and still hear complaints about from all different sides!).