Aug 19, 2003

yeah. so a lot of good things have happened lately, with connections increasing between myself and friends from the past... but with it also comes some interesting questions about time management and trying to do too much - a common issue for me to ponder and work on (while i'm sleeping).

co-worker is giving me heartburn. hoping that this thing will disappear, but the good angel side of me hopes that it won't be too sharp an axe if it falls. why do some folks have to escalate and make things more of an issue that they gotta be?

been listening to sigur ros' album... the one that actually has a title. also got the donnie cd, the colored section, but i don't like it much. i think that i don't like r&b, only "new soul", as narrowly defined by erykah badu, jill scott, maxwell, and a select few others. i don't have time for all those runs in the middle of songs about things like mac'ing. only mac'ing i'll be doing is on my pair of trusted iMac G3s, and the new powerbook in the household.

is there anyone out there? holla if you're reading this.

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