Aug 4, 2003

well - it's been a while since the last post. it's actually been 3 months to the day. guess that's what a wedding will do to you... throw your whole routine into a dizzy sliding spinning craziness. anyways - so the deed is done, and i'm a happy man as a result... but it's a hard thing to adjust yourself with someone else in the room. get your mind out of my pants - i just mean that you have to consider a lot more when you're co-habitating and you're trying to meld your life with someone else. i'm open to any tips if there are any out there.

it's been quite a week with faces from the past... the weekend before, i reached out to an old friend from peeling, who came through in a flash when i needed it. meanwhile, a newer friend from the old crew came out to my b-day gathering, while i got a much more surprising call from an old old friend with a personal peeling connection, who remembered me after all these years for an opportunity that shocked me to no end. more about this later, but what a week. inspires me to reconnect with some folks that i've been lax about speaking with over the years. life is short, and so few people really care... can't let those relationships go without a fight. makes me think about contacting a peace corps writer that i once knew well... perhaps if even just to talk about the springsteen show that we went to on july 24. but more about that at another time. it's time to go to bed...

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