Dec 27, 2008

History is a Weapon

I don't know if you've found any great resources online for alternative history, particularly to forward to folks who are looking for something more than the basic drivel they feed us in school, but I just did.

This site actually has a lot of content, including almost all of Howard Zinn's Peoples' History of the United States. Pretty awesome. Click around. There's a lot there, and even though it doesn't have much/anything about immigrant communities, there's the foundation for a social movements class in there somewhere.


fathima said...

that's an incredible site. thanks for sharing.

Rage said...

Thanks for checking it out so quickly. I was really blown away, to be honest.

fathima said...

you know, canada doesn't seem to have as colourful/famous a history of activism as the US. i don't think there's been a lack of resistance movements here (certainly not a lack of things to resist), but somehow specific names are hard to come up with.
it's strange and it needs to be fixed, because this lack of awareness encourages complacency about a supposed lack of canadian aggression

Rage said...

Ha - I think it's good for folks to know that, and to see more of that history. And a reputation for a lack of trademark N.American aggression may not be entirely bad, though I can see how it can get annoying if people hide behind the public history and don't engage within Canada, or if U.S.American lefties get a little self-righteous about their activism/movements.

A People's History of Canada may be in order?