Nov 9, 2008

The Dawn of a New Age of Disappointments

Went to a benefit dinner tonight for a group in the area, and their keynote speaker was, as I think much of the free and not-so-free world are still, running a high Obama fever. I don't begrudge him or the rest of them that. I mean, like I said, I was in the streets (or at least the bars) celebrating the victory too.

But I guess Tuesday already feels like a long time ago. And even though I'm not watching the news or following the twitter-like monitoring of P.E. Obama's (not Public Enemy, but Prez-Elect(ed) of course) every move, I feel like I've been disappointed a lot already.

I know - people will say "well, you people on the left are never satisfied. First Bush was terrible, now you get your liberal man, and you're just going to tear him apart for not being a freegan or something." Well, yeah, we can get a little critical and have issues with just celebrating once in a while. But I think I know how to celebrate real victories, and I'm not getting anything out of writing these things - not money, and no, not kicks. I want so much to believe in the hope hype.

But really, all I've been getting since Tuesday night is O-Bummers. I mean, we get built up to think change is coming, but first the Rahm Emanuel pick, which is bad news for Palestine, and bad news for a lot of other reasons as well. Now I feel like we're facing the prospect that while the vetting process for the transition team and appointees will likely knock out anyone who has even a touch of pro-Palestine leanings, possible ties to Hindu fundamentalists who say and do all kinds of things to Christians, Muslims, Dalits, and other "undesirables" in India are perfectly fine.

I hope this string of O-Bummers ends soon.  It hasn't even been a week, and I was on such a high with the rest of the country, but I feel like it could be a long and painful hangover.


Anonymous said...

You are not alone, my friend. Been having bittersweet post-election feelings after the Obama victory and CA Prop. 8 defeat. That Rahm Emanuel pick has not helped things, yet another example of Zionist control of Washington.

I hear you are doing great work within the community though, which is exactly where our energy should be focused. Good luck!



Rage said...

I haven't even written about Prop 8 in Cali, or some of the other elections (or which planet I think they should send Lieberman to, even though on Hardball I heard them suggest he should get an appointment so they can get a Dem in the Senate seat. Awesome proof of how fucked up this system is: the guy stabs you enough times to make Caesar's betrayal look like flesh wounds, and you consider rewarding him).

The more I hear about Emanuel, the less I like what the prospects are for the future. But we'll just keep our heads straight and our open hands ready to clench a fist and raise a ruckus.

Thanks for the kind words, brother. Same to you in the South. I think if we keep fire in our bellies, and use the perception people have that more is possible, a lot can happen.