Jun 9, 2008


I'm not really in the mood to study right now, but I'm going to push ahead because I have to make it past this last hurdle. I feel painfully out of the loop about what's happening in good ol' Asian America (or just plain vanilla America) at this point. Do we have a new president yet? Feels like November will never come.

But if you find yourself getting nostalgic for Bush Jr., you should check out this site that maintains a good database of fabulous flubs by the leader of the free world. The best part is the commentary by the person who maintains the site, and definitely check out the audio clips.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly down about getting through all this work and to the other side, I'll visit this site for a pick-me-up, and it just seems to do the trick every time. I don't know what people did when we had boring, or - gasp! - articulate Presidents.


Anonymous said...

Strongly disagree with some of your view on the "Prez-o-dink" Shit Obama has played a soft hand on Israel, I am sick of humor on their rights to exist on stolen land myself. HRC played the hand and so does ever other political hog. What a can say for Obama, is if some of those vocal brown sided folks would drop their "caste" con and move together maybe his views would change. There are not enough south asian working together with other brown/black hell people of color to make sure all our issues get pushed forward. American's will unfortunatley always "cry" foul play again anyone that doesn't speak for fucking Isrial (spellcheck please). To be fair about it they suck the life out of anyone that disagrees with their so called right to Palistine land. Where is the cry of give them Europes land where they were beat down and holocost there? Show some support for Obama, because like it or not HE IS CHANGE for al of us, and after voting in this nation for all those years of WHITE, dammit give it up for COLOR ans watch how we progress.

Rage said...

I think I understand where you're coming from, and appreciate that you wrote in (though I think that was a different post). I have another post I'm working on about some of this - have been thinking about it, so I'll try to address some of what you mentioned there.

I'm just saying folks should not follow blindly, or even just say "that's the game he's gotta play to get elected." I don't know if I buy that every time. And how many excuses can we keep making for him?

But more on this in my next post.