May 10, 2008

Is There Anybody Online Out There?!

I'm back, kind of. Finals, closing out my school gig, and trying to figure out what's next have kept me off the internets, at least as a poster, for a while. I don't think I'll be writing that much until August, actually, just given that the monopoly that makes us test and take exorbitantly expensive prep classes will own my ass until about 6 PM on July 31. I found out that Blue Scholars are actually playing NYC on 7/31, but we already got tickets to the Bruce show in NJ, so I'm not going to make it. First time I could catch them on a tour of the East coast, and the bullshit exam is in the way.

But forget all that. I've been thinking about what to do with this site. I've had it up for a few years now, and I enjoy writing here and trying to build community with the good folks who stop by once in a while, but the format (and the lack of design!) are limiting at best. I'm also feeling like I want to consolidate my attempts at writing and reflection under one banner, instead of the different sites and handles I'm using at this point.

This site has allowed me to feel more comfortable putting some basic criticism and thoughts out there, especially about the incredibly small APA community, but it's not quite how I'd want to do it - it's easy to hide behind a blog/pseudonym and just write stuff without taking heat for your opinions/observations. Usually, no one cares, and I've been pretty careful, but it's also not really moving a dialog with anyone. Blogs are fun ways to stay in touch with people, but the format I've been using with this isn't really going to move anyone or push for change because I've been conscious that it's cowardly to take what look like potshots at groups and individuals from behind something like this. And honestly, I want to build community with people - not be stuck in my own little silo.

So I'm thinking about that with this transition. I'll likely keep writing here for a while, as an outlet, but I'll figure out how/what comes next as soon as I have a moment to plan it out. Till then - keep on keeping on, ya'll. And enjoy the weather - rain washes it all away, and the sun keep us growing.


Anonymous said...

You're right about the East-Asian-centricity of Asian American activism. After three years of being part of an AA org, I've decided that it's not a useful political identity or space for me.

Rage said...

Actually - I don't know if that's where I am. I spent a lot of time with college-aged South Asians this semester, and their Indo-centricity was such a turn-off. I came up when there were more people exploring how different spaces can work for them. I definitely had mixed experiences in Asian American spaces, but at least on the East Coast, there's a different understanding (and population of SA activists) so I think more things are possible.

I may be a relic, but I still see the purpose and utility of the political identity. I'd love to hear more from your perspective - are you on the East, West, or Midwest coast?

Anonymous said...


I feel you man. I realize that my own blog is much more about my personal need for an outlet to vent/reflect/etc. than really being a vehicle to move dialog, change, etc. I've definitely enjoyed hearing your thoughts as a conscious, east coast APA brother. Good luck with whatever future endeavors lie ahead.


Rage said...

Kori -

Thanks bro. I definitely feel the same way about this blog. It's nice to have a place to take these things and work them out, esp. with folks who tune in and are with you for the ride. So I'll definitely keep that up - I think it's the space/name thing that's been on my mind a bit. We'll see, though.

Congrats on the second site! I've been reading with a lot of interest - just little time to comment with any meaning, but I'm definitely digging it!

Anonymous said...

I am a long island desi (I just sent another anon comment). I go to a small liberal arts school and there aren't that many south asians. It's pretty white.

I like the idea of "Asian American" pan-alliances, but they usually tend to be east-asian centric as well as Chinese American-centric. I think it has similar issues to the one you bring up about south asian activism...which i haven't really been a part of it (YSS was active during my older sister's time, and i'm out in the LI boonies, lol. I only recently started to work with South Asians and South Asian orgs in Queens).

I was just thinking about adding you to my blogroll, if that's alright with you.

Rage said...

Anonymous - good to hear from someone coming up through college now - I know only a few folks who are actually thinking about these things still in that age bracket. May be that I'm too old now - but I give a damn, if it means anything (just see the "2ndGen" tag for proof of my worries).

Definitely feel free to add - let me know your site next time so I can return the favor, and do keep reading. Would love to hear about your experience with the orgs in Queens - a lot of good work happening there.