Apr 4, 2008

Sites I've Been Reading

Finally got my act together and updated some of the links I have to the left over there. I'll do better when I have more time (and maybe even update this site that looks like it's fresh from the late 90s). Here are some sites I've been checking out regularly that you should too:

1) The Cheddar Box: My man has been coming over and sharing the love on my infrequent posts - but you should see what the strong and conscious brother is writing, thinking, working, and living in ATL. And his site is definitely better looking than this one.

2) Boston Progress Arts Collective and Boston Progress Radio: I don't know where I've been, but Boston is where it's at. With the Asian American Resource Workshop, Asian American Movement 'ezine, CAPAY's youth organizing, really deep community development work in Chinatown, and Boston Progress Arts Collective (BPAC) - a fierce Asian American collective of artists and activists who run a community bookstore, have a 3 years and running monthly spoken word/poetry event, and now this nifty radio station and blog that features Asian American artists (it's the best thing to write to, let me tell you).

I don't know - the combination of real creative work, community, and DIY spirit warms my heart, hearkens back to the days I read about with storefront operations and community service activities by folks on the West Coast in the '70s, and certainly with the Basement Workshop in NYC. And this is BOSTON, people - never will I disrespect the city again, scout's honor. If there's a way, way East Bay... it may be Boston. Much love to the people out there. I know there probably aren't a lot of South Asian cats that pass through and call it home - but it feels like home to me, and like a place that would embrace me as a brother. Anyplace that values the power of words, beats, life (rice?)... without taking it so seriously that they can't laugh a little... well, bruh, that's community.

3) Metal Inquisition. This site is one of the funniest I read - if you're not a metalhead, it may not make much sense, but they're pretty funny even still. If you listen, or used to listen, to any metal, you'll appreciate it even that much more. Check it out. But don't stay too long, you may tear out your eyes (or at least become unable to tear them away).


Eugene said...

Thank you for your kind words. Peace and keep on reading.

thecheddarbox said...

Ditto to that, thank you for the kind words, Rage my man. All the love you gave to the Cheddar Box goes back double for Down On The Brown Side. Keep writing, reading and fighting, brother, I'll do the same.

-Kori (aka Cheddar Boxer)

Rage said...

Eugene - no doubt. BPR and the BPAC crew gets much respect. Keep on keeping on.

And Kori - you got it, brother. Just wanted to make sure more people knew about the folks I respect. It's also getting me to try to write more regularly, which will probably lend itself to giving me some peace of mind as I enter the last few weeks of school and bar-exam-mania.