May 23, 2007


Why the hell haven't I checked out Soulfly before? I think the Nu-Metal aspects of the 2 or 3 tracks I heard really got on my nerves so I didn't try the albums out, but Max Cavalera was already a legend in his work with Sepultura, and after hearing just a few of the tracks from the later Soulfly albums, I think he's one of the best in the field at mixing a huge range of things into his music without it feeling forced. I usually feel like a shuffle in my iTunes would subject people listening to the range of things from reggae and dub to death metal and back through the bossa nova I love. But somehow, Calavera is able to do that within his songs and albums, and I have to tip my hat to him. If you like a lot of music and aggressive metal falls in there somewhere, check out Soulfly. Don't believe the negative hype - I have the first, fourth, and fifth albums (because the even the positive hype panned Primative and III). More details are not forthcoming, because I'm not a very good music critic, but I'm digging this stuff - I could write to it, and I'm certain driving to it will be fun.


Anonymous said...

oh wow. Me too! I'm a latecomer to Soulfly... I think I 1st picked up a disc 6 months ago... the 1st album. Good s---! And yeah, I love the few sepultura albums I have.

Rage said...

Yeah man, you gotta move forward onto "Prophecy" and "Dark Ages" - it's like he created a mashup of a lot of the music I listen to. And it's cool the way that he keeps you guessing with the music in between songs... tracks on the CD don't fully correspond with the beginning and ending of songs. Pretty cool stuff.