Mar 11, 2007

Genius Kid: Unhappiness in Slavery.

This 4-year kid's dad has posted videos of him reciting all kinds of fun facts (like the 50 capitals of U.S. States). While I definitely prefer Animaniacs, this kid is really cute. But, I don't think I dig the trained puppy routine that parents seem to take with their kids. If you check out this video, I think he just wants to play games, not be the showcase spectacle that he's being pushed into.

But if you check out Spellbound and watch the way some of the desi parents turn life into a competition, you start seeing the math and spelling competitions as the bane of these kids' existance. How maladjusted does your kid have to turn out for you to realize that you're doing him wrong? I don't know. I don't think your kids should be your show pet. If you like competition, grow roses or something. But let the kid be a kid.

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