Mar 30, 2003

wow. they got this guy. and it's finally being stated openly and clearly. now will we get an appropriate response from the politicos out there? likely not - this "atrocious murderer" will be played off as an anomaly in this patriotic, caring, freedom-loving place...

NY1: TopStories Man Charged With Serial Murders In Brooklyn, Queens Stores
MARCH 30TH, 2003

Police Sunday charged a man with a pattern of killings at stores in Brooklyn and Queens over the past two months.

Larme Price, 30, was charged with four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

Police say Price walked into a Brooklyn police station on Friday offering to help find the killer, but investigators became suspicious when they noticed he had the same walk as someone seen in a surveillance video from one of the crimes. Price confessed when they talked to him again Saturday, police said.

“Price told detectives he had been disturbed by the terror attacks of September 11 and wanted to hurt people of Middle Eastern descent,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said. “At the time of his questioning, Price was wearing a baseball hat with a ‘B’ on it, the same hat we believe he was wearing during the murder on March 20.”

Four immigrants were killed in businesses in Queens and Brooklyn since February, most recently at a convenience store in Crown Heights on March 20. Only one of the victims was Arab.

Police had initially said they were searching for an accomplice as well, but investigators now believe he was just a witness.

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